My toddler meals for the day

My baby boy is 14 months old now and I thought of sharing the meals he had today.


Just like any other mum I am always running out of ideas for healthy snacks and meals and always desperately looking for new recipes.

Some fellow mums are exceptionally creative and have mouth watering recipes but I am definitely not one of them. I try my best to explore and research and try to provide my bundle of joy the best I can.

For lunch he had pureed kiwis, puree of potatoes, spinach, broccoli, peas and cottage cheese with some ghee (Indian butter) and cracked black pepper.

Along with it I served him cucumber and cherry tomatoes which he doesn’t eat yet and just plays with them around the house. However I offer them still as I want him to feel and get used to the texture and hopefully one day start eating them too.

He had some milk along with his lunch too.

image (1)

image (2)

image (3)

For dinner, we made a puree of risotto and tuna pasta with cheese and black pepper along with a cup of milk. (Risotto was left over dinner and he refuses to eat as it is but doesn’t mind it in pureed form).


image (4)

That was all for his meals for the day. He obviously has breakfast and his snacks in between.

I would love to hear from fellow mums if you have any suggestions and ideas for interesting meals.

See you in my next post.

Am I missing a point?


Emotional, frustrated, annoyed, angry, confused, sympathetic, empathetic, sorry, happy…these are not different mood types I m listing here for you. This is exactly my emotional rollercoaster journey while watching the entire episode of execution of the culprits responsible for Charlie hebdo massacre.

I really felt and have always felt in the past too just like all of you, what is so confusing or difficult to understand for these extremists? What can be sane person in his complete senses be thinking to actually do these acts and be at ease and calm. I have been very curious to read the statements and interviews of people who have either been hostages in these situations or have been in touch with these people on a mission. Having read the interview of Mr. Catalano who was the hostage at print works at Dammartin-en-Goele where he says “I am happy I am alive but I am not sure if I am happy they are dead” there are so many questions that arise like how can someone so cruel have a normal chat with someone, sip a coffee with someone like a guy next door, were they very stable mentally? Are they good people at heart but misled? Are they completely foolish and operate completely robotically? I am just saying this in fairness and in an attempt to understand both sides of the story. Mr. Catalano also mentioned how calm and respectful they were to him and addressed him as sir and monsieur. Were they kind and human? If yes then how can someone change 360 degrees and kill 12 people brutally?

Upon hearing the dead Muslim policeman’s brother one feels that the right thing has happened and the wrong doers have got what they deserved. Obviously they cannot be treated with mercy for heinous crime like this and there is no scope for dialogue and understanding.

After watching so much of drama there are like zillions of emotions I feel for this situation, obviously what happened is shameful and we cannot even begin to imagine the pain of families who lost their precious ones. But the ultimate question being what is causing this? I know and have been told zillion times that these people are brain washed, manipulated, mislead and what not. But I feel how can anybody convince you to die at a young and ambitious age? What and how powerful those words have to be to convince someone to throw away their life like this and also permanently damaging thousands other lives. I strongly feel I am missing a very important point here, there has to be something I am not aware of. Otherwise why something that even a child could understand is so difficult for adults to see.

Will this ever end? Or someone will come again to avenge death of these attackers? Will we have to always worry and anticipate another public massacre? Why aren’t these brave god loving people on mission directly deal with government and prime ministers and presidents rather than cowardly targeting unarmed members of public?

Or is it different people have different perceptions of a person, like the hostage who got spared isn’t sure if he can actually call them inhuman and the person who saw his brother die begging for his life thinks the terrorists deserve to die. How can same person have two dramatically different descriptions of them? And if they do which one is real?

Of course the people emerging out as heroes here are definitely the brave heart hostages and I cannot even imagine how terrified they might be. The anticipation of death is worse than death. Also in this attack of terror let’s not forget thousands of Africans getting killed right now by boko haram (although media has chosen to not highlight the story of death of thousands). Not trying to belittle the Paris attacks and the loss they suffer, the damage and killings in Africa are way more outrageous and out of control. A 10 year old kid being used as suicide bomber is beyond humanity.

Probably as Gandhi pointed it seems like power of faith trying to overrule equality of faith is making no one happy. Both the attackers and their victims are dead; nobody will ever know what happens with them now, if there is any hell or heaven as promised. Either way humanity has lost some very precious lives way too early.

Cosy “Dressdown” OOTD

Okay so I thought of doing a very realistic and simple OOTD today.

Its simple basic stuff every mum probably prefers when juggling with her chores and hyper active baby.
I have my good and bad days when sometimes I get absolutely notime to even take a shower and do my hair.
Also my clothes at home are a lot based upon the weather (I live in united kingdom and yes we dont have sun very often) if it is summer I wear lots of skirts and dresses indoors or vests and leggings. But since its autmn(winter already) I am into my full length leggings.

This is my everyday regular look at home sans makeup or grooming (so please excuse me)

I would love to hear or see from fellow mums their day to day OOTD.

This is more like a dressdown thing for me.

so here we go

My earrings are Chanel: got from a local UK/London boutique Nail paint: Barry M  pink Flamingo Ring: Chapelle Jewellery (It was my push present)

My earrings are Chanel: got from a local UK/London boutique
Nail paint: Barry M pink Flamingo
Ring: Chapelle Jewellery (It was my push present)

Top; Newlook (its simple basic black in front and a leopard print sheer top at back) Leggings: Newlook Bracelet: Alex and Ani Scorpio bracelet (I got when my son was born as he is a scorpio)

Top; Newlook (its simple basic black in front and a leopard print sheer top at back)
Leggings: Newlook
Bracelet: Alex and Ani Scorpio bracelet (I got when my son was born as he is a scorpio)

My flip flops are from H & M I love them as I hardly can find flipflops so comfy and yet with platform heels.

My flip flops are from H & M I love them as I hardly can find flipflops so comfy and yet with platform heels.

Front view of the outfit

Front view of the outfit

image (8)

I think the pictures are not extremely clear due to poor lighting (sorry guys), but I hope I can see more OOTDs from fellow mums :))

See you in my next post.

The Charade

Behind that crisp shirt, fall 2014 Blahniks, MAC mascara and sweet scent of Miss Dior I see a girl screaming “just because I appear a certain way doesn’t mean I don’t get hurt or have no emotions”. So many times we are judged by our exteriors. If you appear to be a powerful, opinionated and intelligent women there are 1111 assumptions made about you. If men have these traits and earn well, earn a good position for them that is usually considered ambitious and makes him an “eligible bachelor” but unfortunately the same for women becomes a “threat” probably making her chances of having a normal relationship as slim as her waistline.


Basically if you are a successful bitch and appear to be a tough cookie no one is going to think that probably you have worked your ass off to reach where you are today and you have been through a lot of heartache too and that’s why the shield and guards are up. If you have an opinion you are immediately labelled dominating and controlling. The same qualities (sarcasm) in men are attractive and sexy. Ironically you will find more women trying to pull you down than men, while you ask yourself what happened to “women supporting each other”.


If you are careful and trying to think before you speak and hence taking your time to open up, aha you are a snob or have an attitude problem- Woman. If you try to make someone comfortable and hence are going out of your comfort zone and talking about things you are not even interested in- woman you are a chatter box and talk too much. Sometimes it’s too little and sometimes too much. You are trying to strike a balance, oh please don’t even attempt. No matter what you do it is going to fall short of something.

Ok, even if you can afford one but out of love want to flaunt your men’s diamonds you are a gold digger or a trophy wife (I hope there are male equivalents for these too). I have two female friends who are called these names very often and trust me whatever their reasons are for these weddings, they are really happily married. They have beautiful families. Although we may have different approaches in life I fully and proudly support fellow women.

As much as I feel positive things happen to those who wish the same for others, I agree that we won’t be able to completely eradicate the negativity and the bitching/haters. So, I guess the charade has to be carried on. You can expose your inner self to people who come within your safety zone and have to have your guards on with the rest of the world. And if they give you an evil look trust me they are envying what they are missing.

Got to be real

With Cheryl Lynn’s got to be real playing in my head I start contemplating my thoughts on being real.

1. Being real is first and foremost accepting that high heels are bloody uncomfortable no matter how much I love those louboutins and choos.

2. It also means that when I am looking slimmer, honey it’s not my genetics or running behind my baby…blah. Its hell lot of a hard work and resisting yummy fattening greasy food.

3. Being real is, the awkward silence I maintain upon none of the gal friends getting my sense of humour when actually what I want to do is punch them in faces. (Women seriously don’t have the sense of humour that guys have, no wonder they seek that in their guy).


4. Reality is what I see in mirror daily (READ: a pretty face)

5. Reality is holding hands with my man and witnessing the sunset, knowing that like everything, we will end too but not what we have created with our love.

6. Being real for me is also being non judgemental, everyone has their own versions and ways. We are nobody to judge because we have not lived their life and not been through what they have in their journey.

7. Being real is, knowing I have flaws and am perfect inspite of them.

8. Being real is when I don’t return a smile as a part of courteous behaviour, because I am really pissed off at something and I can have mood swings too (Am a woman for god sake)

9. Being real is, knowing and accepting with a lot of pain and discomfort that I am not 5’10 (Sigh).

10. Being real is, knowing I am a charlotte from SATC (sex and the city) no matter how much I wish I was Samantha (I am winking).

11. Being real is accepting how I wish I could be a guy for a day. (Did I mention that guy looks like Brad Pitt)

12. Being real is taking time off everyone and everything for just “Me and my IPOD time”. (C’mon a gal has a tough life…..give her a breather)

13. Being real is confessing I have bought clothes one size small anticipating a size drop which never happened.


14. Being real is when I say am an Atheist. I believed in god once upon a time and then I grew up.

15. Being real is confessing I actually thought music will play in the air when I meet my right guy.

16. Being real for me is, accepting I have embarrassed myself before others more number of times than you think I have.

17. Reality is, everytime I have liked a dress in a shop and intended to buy it, I could not sleep at night or function normally until I stepped in the shop and took ownership of it.

18. And finally I say this for all of us, being real is knowing there is nothing you can’t do and there is no one like you, you are one of a kind and inspiring my gal.

Keep being real and be the fabulous “YOU”

Drama Queen- Guilty as charged

Since I hail from land of cricket lovers and bollywood frenzies, it comes as no surprise to me that I am a bit of drama queen. But lately I have realised lil bit of drama helps you either escape or enjoy any given situation in life. Whether in bad times or good times being a tad bit dramatic helps you laugh off the fall in life as well as not get all blown up by the happiness of hay days.


I am this strange person who for some reason gets motivated by pain and struggle, heart aches, heart breaks, pain, struggle all these words are extremely motivating to me. I have noticed that sometimes I have also wanted the moment of sulking and moaning to last longer, for some reason it gives me a high. I have kind of enjoyed it. It’s more like that saying “the wounded deer leaps the highest”. I have always felt that the more I get hurt and the more pain life gives me the better I will do in life. I have heard filmy sad songs when I have been low and the moaning which was already on the verge of being nonexistent was revived deliberately by some specific sad songs.


Eventually I do get normal and get over it too but I try my best that period of feeling sad lasts longer. Same way when I am happy it’s not like you normal people. When I am happy I am HAPPY and my facial expressions, my volume, my body language, my clothes, my hair and makeup make it pretty evident that I am HAPPY. You will and definitely cannot miss the HAPPY me. When I am happy my favourite playlist is playing in my head and am having all the expressions for a perfect bollywood song. Well thats me, any emotion in life just doesn’t pass by, I dramatise it otherwise I feel something is missing in my life or its plain boring. The way my hubby and me met and how we made history and a beautiful baby together is no less than a bollywood saga.


But all these drama has retained the child in me, nothing bad really shakes me to the core and nothing good makes me lose my grounds. This trait has helped me to get through this life quite happily and easily (if I may say so) I want to share this with all you beautiful peeps too. I feel I have learnt to live every moment and every emotion fully. When you are happy be completely and entirely happy with no fear or reservations and don’t hold yourself back in expressing your happiness, be happy like there is no one happier than you, like no one else knows what it feels to be happy but you. When you are sad be very sad don’t deprive yourself of this right because you have to drain the pain out, if you feel like crying do weep and cry, let it all go. Automatically once you vent it out you will get over it. No matter how much you feel you can’t get over it in the beginning, trust me you will. We are sometimes told as adults that we need to live a controlled life, with control over our emotions and expressions. But when you set yourself free like a bird and take a flight you feel fearless and alive just like a little baby who doesn’t care about the world around him.

If you haven’t been a drama queen ever trust me and try it once… it will definitely bring a smile to your face. Guaranteed.

And if you still have not got how to be a drama queen ……..GO HERE…

Maternity Fashion

This post is not about judging anyone’s personal maternity style neither it is an expert opinion on maternity fashion, as I am far from being an expert myself. It’s purely about my style, taste and preference during my pregnancy. Also most importantly maternity wear has a lot to do with your body type then and your comfort. I personally feel comfort comes first no matter what when dressing during pregnancy.

I mostly stuck to cotton leggings and trousers during my pregnancy. Also I did not shop much of maternity clothes as I did fit in all my regular clothes. However I did buy a “going home” outfit from Asos which again wasn’t too fancy it was leggings, pair of flat pumps and a navy boyfriend t shirt. I got the pumps and t shirt in blue as I knew I was having a boy. As I did not know when I would be able to go home and due to lot of chaos I do not have a picture of my going home outfit.

I wore mostly breathable clothes as it was a very hot summer and just the beginning of fall.

Here I wore a basic GAP tshirt with black leggings

Here I wore a basic GAP tshirt with black leggings

Here I am wearing again basic leggings from Dorothy perkins, Blue t shirt from new look

Here I am wearing again basic leggings from Dorothy perkins, Blue t shirt from new look

Here I am wearing a Dorothy perkins top, cardigan from new look , clutch from FCUK and jeans from GAP.

Here I am wearing a Dorothy perkins top, cardigan from new look , clutch from FCUK and jeans from GAP.

Asos boyfriend t shirts I have one in navy which I used as going home outfit

Asos boyfriend t shirts
I have one in navy which I used as going home outfit

maternity skinny jeans

maternity skinny jeans

I got myself lot of cardigans from Asos which I wore by itself, for a nice cozy feel.

I got myself lot of cardigans from Asos which I wore by itself, for a nice cozy feel.


image1xl (1)

these are my favorite pants. comfortable and stylish

these are my favorite pants. comfortable and stylish

These brown wedges I got from new look which I used through out my pregnancy

These brown wedges I got from new look which I used through out my pregnancy

These blue polka dotted pumps were part of my going home outfit. again from ASOS

These blue polka dotted pumps were part of my going home outfit.
again from ASOS

Zen in middle of chaos

So, does this happen to you?

Yesterday due to clogged kitchen drain I could not cook and we ordered a take away…..unfortunately no plumbers on weekend available. So I had ample of time at hands and I plan to spend that time with my son as I always feel guilty while am cooking or washing dishes that I should play with him and keep him company. So I took him to the play ground, made him eat his dinner and at 7 and after this he fell asleep… this is the same guy who knocks me and his dad out at 10:30 ,11 and is still awake and is seldom asleep at 7. And when I have to cook and do other chores he is never asleep in fact on those days he is over clingy and makes me feel bad for not spending time with him. It just tears me apart like what should I do? I have a pile of things to do plus make dinner plus make my bubba happy.


So many times I tell myself that okay I want to be super organized so I will have enough time for myself. And I plan in my head that after this thing I will do that and comfortably that will let me have some time for myself. Sometimes just for a cup of ginger tea lounging by the window is a luxury (Ufff, how my routines B.A (before Arhaan) are now luxuries). But the moment I hold that cup someone either wakes up, or cries mama mam, or needs to climb over me. And there goes my planning, in the trashcan.

I have tried it all being organized, unorganized, mad, multitasking, not asking trust me nothing works. You just have to be a puppet and do things and serve your babies as they want. And despite of this sometimes food can come phrrr flying at your face. Initially I was overwhelmed and tired, and then I got to a stage that I wasn’t tired anymore but irritable and now finally am on my last and final stage which is Zen mode. I have established that every parent goes through these three stages where initially a baby is draining every bit of your energy, then when you get used to this little addition to your family their tantrums and timings can annoy you a bit and you will definitely be annoyed but obviously this is your own kid so you have to suck it up. And finally you will realise that this is life for you!

I heard a very good, simple thing recently but it makes a lot of sense if you really understand it. It says that there is no point of achieving calm, peace, serenity outside your routine life. It only makes sense and is worth it if you achieve this state of mind in middle of chaos, day to day struggles of life. It’s not worth that you leave your chaotic, full of struggles life and go out looking for peace and happiness. There isn’t any happiness out there. It is on faces of your loved ones, it is in your day to day struggles and routines, it is when you are dead tired and still look forward to sleep in bed together with all your family, it is in the tight hugs and kisses we share everyday with our family. Yes, my life isn’t easy, am not alien to problems and struggles and stress but I still love my life and my people and it brings tears to my eyes when I even think for a minute that they are with me only for this lifetime. One lifetime with my hubby and son is truly not enough; we definitely have to meet again.

I hope, you give hugs and kisses to your beloveds until you are together because there is nothing after this life and beyond this life. Everything is here, all happiness and peace is here. There is nothing more meaningful than life and nothing you cannot achieve during your stay here.

Love and peace to all

Barcelona- My soul mate

Out of lot of places I have travelled to Barcelona is my top favourite city. And I know I have many more places to visit yet and this could be too early judgement, but it’s like your life partner you just know when you meet the right person. You feel at home with them immediately.

Barca 8

I do not want to give you travel guidance here but definitely want to share my experiences during my visit. Usually one likes or dislikes a place depending on their experiences at that place, people they meet there, how they are made to feel, how smooth or rocky their stay has been there. I also believe that my trip to Barca was special due to all these factors having worked in my favour.

We stayed at Euro star at Via Laietana, the hotel was 4 star but was quite average. It wasn’t too fancy but was ideal for us as we needed a decent place for night stay and shower, because most part of the day we were out, also it was centrally located and made travelling very convenient to any part of the city. We also wanted to stay near gothic quarters, where we always went for midnight strolls. We loved the Irish cafe nearby where we went for our breakfast and coffee.

Barca 30

Barca 2

I found the city very welcoming and artistic, right from most celebrated artists like Picasso and Joan miro to street artists at Las Ramblas, beautiful architecture of Gaudi found across the city, lovely music playing around the corner of every street, amazing food, friendly and warm people, bursting with life atmosphere, beautiful beaches, lovely weather everything about the city was enchanting and appealing to me. It almost made me envy the locals who live in this lively and artistic city. It also has an amazing combination of beaches and mountains where in the same city you can find both type of beauties. Some areas are hilly and have amazing views like montjuic, park guell and the beaches are not far away too. Hence one does not need to drive for miles to enjoy the beach or mountains.

Imagine you are getting back from work and right outside the tube station you have a spectacular Gaudi creation staring at you, you can see beaches from your car or bus ride at home and your home is on one of the hills. Isn’t that just too good to be true?

We also visited a nearby village Sitges which used to be a fishing village and now is a popular place for its gay beaches and famous Bacardi house. This village was spectacular and has amazing food, atmosphere, beautiful houses and hotels. It’s a quiet getaway from the city’s rush (although the city doesn’t make you want a break). But the highlight was our return to the city from Sitges, we absolutely had no clue that the same day was Barcelona’s Independence Day and not even in my dreams I would have known that every single person of the city would be on the streets celebrating.

Barca 17

Barca 21

It was almost impossible for us to get to our hotel when we got off at our tube station. The streets were jam packed with people celebrating and chanting. Initially I was only concerned about getting back to hotel and hence was bit upset about the situation but when I realised that the situation isn’t changing; I gave up and joined in. Oh boy! It was overwhelming to see how much love and pride Catalonians have for Catalonia. I mean in my country I do see Independence Day celebrations, but they are mostly mandatory ceremonies and celebrations undertaken by government bodies or schools. I have never seen people of the city or country voluntarily come out on streets and celebrate it just like a festival. I really felt that self pride about your own country is so important to make it a beautiful place.

Barca 23

I remember our last day was very busy and active, we anyway prefer a busy and active holiday and we love to look around as locals travelling and walking everywhere amongst locals. But last day we were extra greedy and felt extremely bad about leaving. We went to the famous meat and food market at Las Ramblas; we also went back again for a long stroll at Passeig Marítim de la and shopped a bit too. We did cover many other places which I could not cover in-depth in my article but I would definitely recommend this place for art lovers and adventure lovers.

This beautiful journey came to an end and we were back to UK with rainfalls welcoming us. I remember it felt like a punishment. It will also remain special as it was our last holiday twosome now all our holidays would be along with my son and all my efforts would be to make it memorable for him.

Healthy juicing #02

Summer is here and so are my juices…. I prefer having juices all day in summers, which is not only good for hydration but I love the feeling of being light and at the same time feeling full.

Here is my another summer bonanza recipe!!
Hope you guys try it and like it

It is loaded with nutrition and health benefits.

To my surprise my son also liked it and had it. However it does not taste typically like one of the juices that kids like.

I am sharing as usual BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the drink.
I used as usual my Nutribullet.
securedownload (18)

Handful of Spinach
1/2 Cucumber
1 Beetroot boiled
Few Raspberries
Few Blueberries
Small piece of Ginger
2 Oranges
Sprinkle some Ceylon Cinnamon

securedownload (17)

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